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All images are available in JPG/300 dpi/RGB format and are transmitted as ZIP files. If the quality is insufficient for your purposes, please contact the Deutscher Zukunftspreis business office. We request a copy of any publications, in particular, however, from all media that are not highly topical. If you plan on using our image material for advertising purposes, please contact us in advance. In the general part of this website, some current announcements are illustrated with picture galleries. This material stems from a variety sources and is not intended for further use. If you wish to use individual images from the galleries, please contact us.

Additional Photo Credits for the Image Galleries

26 November 2012: Sebastian Greuner
18 March 2010: Presse- und Informationsamt, Berlin and Robert Bosch GmbH
25 November 2008: bcc, Berlin
5 August 2008: Osram Opto Semiconductors, Regensburg and Presse- und Informationsamt, Berlin
4 April 2008: Presse- und Informationsamt, Berlin
17 September 2014: Koch
10 Januar 2017: Jürgen Gebhardt / Bundesregierung

Exhibition News:
14 April 2008: Deutsches Museum, Munich
6 December 2006: Deutsches Museum, Munich and Presse- und Informationsamt, Berlin

The copyright to these portraits is held by the stated companies or foundations.

Ansgar Pudenz, München

2014-2017: Ansgar Pudenz, München; Bildschön - DAS SCHNELLE BILDNETZWERK GmbH, Berlin
2013: Stephanie Pilick, Ansgar Pudenz
1997-2012: Ansgar Pudenz, München; Bildschön - DAS SCHNELLE BILDNETZWERK GmbH, Berlin

1997-2017: Ansgar Pudenz, München


ZDF broadcasts and documentaries explaining the work of the teams in the respective years:
Licensed by ZDF-Enterprises /
Presentation of the prizewinners, Copyright: Deutsches Museum, Munich

Mediathek 2010:
Besuch in Reutlingen, Material der Robert Bosch GmbH