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"Turn ideas into successes. For our people. For our country."

This is the idea behind the works of the prize-winners that can be seen in the permanent exhibition on the Deutscher Zukunftspreis at the Deutsches Museum in Munich since the end of 2006.

Inauguration des Preisträgermoduls 2019 in die Ausstellung

Modul of the Prize Winners 2019

The exhibition showcases ten award-winning projects, documenting scientific and academic excellence and the sustainable impact of the innovations. The exhibition introduces the researchers and developers as individuals and as role models and honours their achievements in the "Hall of Fame".

The prize-winners are presented in a "Hall of Fame", at a prominent position and in framed larger-than-life, black-and-white portraits at the top end of the exhibition - the modern equivalent of the actual "Hall of Fame" at the Deutsches Museum. The installation ends with the archive presenting all activities related to the prize and the "Emeritus Module", containing information about all prizewinning projects no longer on display in the exhibition. On the opposite wall is a list of all those whose innovations were shortlisted for the Deutscher Zukunftspreis:
researchers who are among the "circle of the best".

The award-winning works of the prize-winners are dramatically showcased on project islands. Each of the ten modules has a "gateway" that functions as a teaser, a playful invitation that engages the senses and focuses the visitor's attention on the project. In the more in-depth information at the exhibition modules, the scientific background , an explanation of the innovations and their economic and social relevance are presented. The views and experiences of the prize-winners are also documented in brief statements.

The design of the displays and individual modules is angular. Their basic shape is that of an irregular pentagram that gradually assumes its final form and becomes a solid, defined rectangle: this is an allegory of the work process of research and development. It illustrates the path taken from an idea as it becomes a project and ultimately culminates in a specific product.

Excellence, experience and appreciation - these central themes are reflected in the exhibition's execution. It provides information on the aims of the Deutscher Zukunftspreis and emphasizes its particular significance as a prize awarded by the German President.

Presentation of the 2019 winning project at the Deutsches Museum

The information presented by the various media details the exigency as well as the social and economic relevance of the innovation. Facts and details of the journey from the idea to the innovation can be traced on two interactive screens. In addition to explanations in text and graphics, visitors can learn more about other aspects of the project in the display cases. 

Finally, the individuals behind the outstanding scientific achievements are of particular interest. In their own words, the prizewinners relate their life's journeys, the importance and development of their innovation. They provide insight into the cause and effect of extraordinary inquiring minds and spirit of research. 

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The Deutsches Museum in Munich has been undergoing refurbishment for quite some time and will continue to be extensively modernized over the next few years. Consequently, individual exhibitions may temporarily not be accessible. The Deutscher Zukunftspreis exhibition has moved from its original location to the gallery of the Centre for New Technologies and is now open in an altered and updated form.

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