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Guidelines for Tenders

The project description must be conclusive and self-explanatory without any accompanying documents. The text is to be written as DIN A4 with 2 cm margins on all sides in 11 pt font, 1.5 line spacing and should be no longer than 10 pages.

The proposal is to be submitted to only one of the institutions entitled to propose candidates.

  1. Topic
    Short, generally understandable title

  2. Personal information about the candidates
    For individuals:

    • Name, title, position
    • Mailing address, phone, fax, E-mail address
    • Curriculum Vitae

    For groups of persons:
    Designation of a group representative/speaker as well as up to two other people

    • Names, titles, positions
    • Mailing addresses, phone, fax, E-mail addresses
    • Curriculum Vitae
  3. Short, one-page, generally understandable description of the achievement in technology , engineering, or natural science, including its significance for the economy and society, also considering its impact on public awareness(cf. also prize statute item 2.2-4.).

  4. Exact description of the inventions and innovations underlying the achievement

    • What is new, outstanding and unique about the achievement?
    • For what problem was a solution developed?
    • What is the international state-of-the-art of knowledge in the described area of innovation?
    • Which patents were applied for within the scope of the innovation?
    • What publications support the innovation?
    • What competing developments are there on the market?
    • What is the market potential of the innovation?
    • Is there a business plan for the market launch (if yes, please describe)?
    • What applications and outlooks for the future can be developed from the innovation?
  5. Academic-scientific reputation of the candidates List of selected relevant publications, lectures, participation in technical/special societies, etc., prizes