Exhibition on the Deutsche Zukunftspreis 2006 to 2015

The permanent exhibition on the Deutscher Zukunftspreis, the German President's Award for Innovation in Science and Technology, opened to the public in December 2006. It was the wish of then Federal President Köhler, to establish a venue at which to present the prize's goal of promoting a climate friendly to innovation and motivating specifically the young to follow the prize-winners' example.

The mission and ultimate aim of the Deutsches Museum is not only to present "Masterpieces of Science and Technology" - as the museum historically claims - but also to provide a tangible experience. Its aim is to communicate the fundamentals of science and technology in a manner that is both entertaining and appropriate for specific target groups, to provide an overview of the historic development of science and technology and at the same time to showcase current research. There is no better place to provide a home to a presentation of the projects recognized by the Federal President's Award for Innovation in science and Technology.

Visitors to the original Deutscher Zukunftspreis exhibition found themselves in a space far different in design and atmosphere to classic museum presentations. The exhibition explained the aims of the Deutscher Zukunftspreis and emphasized its special significance as the Federal President's award by means of the spatial layout as a sophisticated mise en scène. The award-winning innovations were placed on project islands and positioned around a central module under a spotlight. The variety and diversity of the subjects were symbolically united by the atmosphere created by the lighting effects.

The Deutscher Zukunftspreis exhibition was designed as a type of "gateway" between the monumental objects representing the early days of industrialisation or of shipping and aviation and the "Centre for New Technologies" (CNT), new exhibition space dedicated to nanotechnology and biotechnology - as the key technologies of the 21st century at the museum.

The opening of the Centre for New Technologies in 2009 was the first major milestone of the Deutsches Museum "Future Initiative" which now take the museum in two additional planning stages to a general renovation of the museum by the year 2025. The critical phase of the major renovation project that commenced at the end of 2015 was also reason behind the move of the Deutscher Zukunftspreis exhibition onto the CNT gallery. The new space was also the reason for major changes of the conceptual elements of the exhibition.

This archive contains images and a video tour of the former exhibition as it stood until the end of 2015.

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