Bernd Leukert, Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Products & Innovation

“The name says it all: the Deutscher Zukunftspreis, the German President's Award for Innovation in Science and Technology. It honors outstanding scientific innovations in technology that have the potential to improve the quality of our lives for the long term. This basic idea is also firmly anchored in SAP's corporate philosophy, driving innovations that benefit both our customers and society as a whole.

Few other sectors can boast of having such closely connected companies as information technology, since intelligent technologies and software are today recognized as the cornerstones of lasting success for companies of all sizes and industries. In the digital world, now and in the future, innovations can only be successful if science and business cooperate across corporate, international, and industry boundaries.

The future of our society lies in science: it inspires ideas through research and education and fosters young talent, ensuring a lasting wealth of expertise in our country going forward. A strong economy in turn lays the foundation for science and creates the overall framework to enable talent, develop ideas, and turn theories into practice – whether in established enterprises or in young start-ups.

As a global IT company with headquarters in Germany, SAP is the world's largest provider of business software and thus one of the flagship companies for German engineering. Preserving, fostering, and constantly building on this knowledge and expertise is not just a goal pursued by SAP, but also part of our innovation strategy. From research and development centers around the world to support for start-ups, talent development, and teaching at colleges and universities – our engineers and developers are part of a comprehensive, global network.

Driving positive change, identifying solutions, and ultimately taking action are what moves a society forward. Just as the five founders of SAP set out in 1972 to turn their idea into a reality with courage, expertise, competence, and perseverance, the Deutscher Zukunftspreis honors those individuals who combine creativity with the essential entrepreneurial spirit: the talents of today are the role models of tomorrow.”

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