Deutsche Telekom Stiftung

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster, Chairman of the Executive Board at Deutsche Telekom Foundation

“Germany, a land of poets and thinkers - and also of inventors and innovators: Numerous innovations are of German origin. The Federal Republic of Germany is a country traditionally noted for its strong climate of innovation.

To ensure that this remains so in the future, it is imperative that Germany strongly advocate better STEM education. We are convinced that interest in scientific and technical developments and innovations as well as the ability to judge their impact should shape the social climate. We thus promote motivating people, children and young adults in particular, within the walls and outside of established institutions of learning to acquire the necessary knowledge and competence. A firm foundation in the STEM subjects and the reflected use of digital media are, in our opinion, the prerequisite for a self-determined life, professional work and social participation in the digital world.

The academics and scientists who have been awarded the Deutscher Zukunftspreis are role models for successful STEM education. They dare to approach new ideas with enthusiasm, invent and discover exciting things, commit themselves to their ideas and overcome obstacles. They are rightly rewarded with the highest honor available in our country to reward inventiveness and courage: the Deutscher Zukunftspreis, the German President's Award for Innovation in Science and Technology.

The foundation Deutsche Telekom Stiftung is proud to have been one of the main supporters of the German President’s prize since 2005, thereby helping to improve the climate of innovation in Germany. ”

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